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Kathmandu is a city of contrasts. It’s been both Hindu and Buddhist for centuries, and you can see that blend everywhere. Temples and homes are furnished with both Buddha statues and Hindu shrines, people wear sacred thread scarves around their necks to bring luck and the traditional Newari architecture is a fascinating blend of East and West.

This World Heritage Site Valley shows how human beings have lived here since the dawn of history. Ancient landscape with a thriving city in the midst of it all. You can spend days here and still barely scratch the surface, so we pick out the essentials on this Kathmandu Day Tour. We’re talking UNESCO here, so if you’re pressed for time it’s worth the investment to see some landmarks that are included on most ‘must see’ lists of things to do in Kathmandu.

First, we’ll take you to Bhaktapur Durbar Square where you’ll be able to wander through the ancient temples and palaces that are packed into just a few city blocks. Then we continue to Bouddhanath Stupa which is a magnificent Buddhist landmark. And we end the day visiting Pashupatinath Temple, which is the holiest Hindu shrine in Nepal, for a fascinating glimpse into another religion that dominates the Kathmandu Valley.









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We will wake up early in the morning, and begin our day with a warm delicious breakfast. After that, we will head towards Bhaktapur around 9 AM.

Bhaktapur is located around 20 km east of Kathmandu inside the Kathmandu Valley. Bhaktapur is one of the medieval towns of the Kathmandu valley and is also popularly known as the ‘City of Devotees.’ Bhaktapur has got several ancient temples, shrines, palaces with precise architecture, courtyards, and gilded roofs.

History says Bhaktapur used to be the capital city of the great Malla Kingdom until the 15th century, and after that, this place became an independent kingdom until the 18th century. The entire town is filled with Hindus and Buddhist art and architecture.

Many festivals like Gai-Jatra (the cow festival), Dashain, Bisket Jatra (the Nepalese New Year), Tihar are celebrated here throughout the year.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square will present you decades-old 55-Window Palace. Similarly, you will visit the National Art Gallery where you will find ancient Buddhist scroll paintings, stone carvings, and palm-leaf manuscripts. Just outside the palace, there is Yachheswor Mahadev Temple and the Golden Gate built-in 1756 ( a splendid example of Repoussé metalwork)

After exploring Bhaktapur, we will stop for lunch around 1:00 PM in one of the traditional Nepal restaurants and have some mouth-watering Newari food.

We will then head towards our next destination that is Bouddhanath Stupa.

Boudhanath Stupa Boudhanath Stupa is located on the eastern outskirts of Kathmandu. Known as the largest stupa of Nepal, Boudhanath Stupa is one of the holiest sites of Buddhists outside of Tibet. This stupa is believed to be built in the 14th century. There are numerous legends about the construction of this stupa. Moreover, it is also a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Every year, hundreds of worshippers come to this site in order to pray. There are several monasteries in the area. The top of the stupa is bedecked with a variety of brightly colored prayer flags.

There are numerous souvenir shops surrounding the stupa, as well as tiny alleyways. Even though this is a hectic location, you will notice tranquility in the air and hear sacred mantras such as ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ in every corner. The night views of this place are even more gorgeous. After exploring the Boudhanath Stupa, we will continue to head to the last historical monument of the tour Pashupatinath.

Until we reach the Pashupatinath, the sun will begin to set, and we will find ourselves in another extremely sensational environment

Pashupatinath Temple is one of the most sacred temples of Hindus in Nepal. Located on the bank of Bagmati River in the eastern outskirts of Kathmandu, this temple holds one of the great histories in the Hindu religion. Pashupatinath is one of the most important temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Every year hundreds of devotees visit this temple to worship. You will see people praying and spending time with their loved ones, and on the other hand, you will see people crying and moaning in the pain of their deceased one. No doubt, you will be going to have a lifetime experience here. With hundreds of beliefs floating around the temple premises, there is also a saying that if you die in this temple, you will be reborn as a human, despite your sin. The precise crafts of the central temple are known as one of the masterpieces of Hindu architecture. The temple has a two-storied roof, which is built with copper and covered in gold. You will see a huge cow, Nandi, in front of the temple. Sadly, foreigners are not allowed to enter the main temple but you can explore the other nearby temples.

We will end our tour around 5PM and return back with lots of memories to cherish.

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Kathmandu Day Tour can be done throughout the year. However, during monsoon season Kathmandu Valley receives heavy rainfall, which might create problems while touring.


Kathmandu has got numerous places to explore, which cannot be done in one day. In case, you are staying a few more days in the valley you can extend your tour to these places, and trust us these are worth visiting once: Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath, and Patan Durbar Square.

You can also go on a day hike to Nagarkot or nearby areas to see the distant views of the Himalayas.


It’s an easy city tour.

You will be guided by a professional English-speaking guide. Our guide will make sure you will get to explore every block of the monuments. In case of any problem, you can freely tell our guides as they are very friendly and caring.

Other information to note

The climate can get chilly during the morning and night so we recommend you carry warm wear. In case of bad weather or political situation, the itinerary can get changed without prior notice. On the off-chance, if something like this happens, you will get the refund for the activity.

We highly recommend you get travel insurance.

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