Soothe your soul observing tranquil and magnificent Rara Lake

Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake Trek brings you to the heart of Rara lake – the heaven on earth that inspires many Nepalese musicians and writers in their artwork. Frequently at the top of the place to visit among locals.

Rara lake situated at 2,990m is the largest and deepest freshwater lake in Nepal. Spread over an area of 106 square kilometers in Rara national park. On a clear day, you will see an excellent reflection of the surrounding snowy mountains and pine-covered hillsides on the surface.

On the trek to this beautiful lake, you walk through one of the isolated regions of Nepal in the far northwest around Jumla and Mugu district. As the trail passes through several small villages, you get to see people from different religious backgrounds and their unique way of life.

The trail is relatively challenging and passes by tranquil valleys and magical coniferous forests. In distance, you can see stunning Himalayan mountains like Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167 m) and Mt. Kanjirowa (6,883 m) with predominating Tibetan snow-capped mountains.

The remoteness and wilderness of this region present an experience unlike any other treks in Nepal. No doubt, this is a perfect trek for someone looking for solitary.









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You will arrive at the Tribhuvan International Airport. One of our representatives will receive you at the airport and take you to your hotel. You will rest for the day, and later in the evening, you will meet with the crew and stroll on the colorful & lively streets of Thamel.

You will wake up and have breakfast. As per the flight time, you will leave for the airport and fly to Nepalgunj.

Upon reaching Nepalgunj, you will be taken to your hotel. After resting for a bit, you will visit the nearby areas and explore the market.

You will wake up early and head to the airport for another short flight to Jumla. The flight will be scenic, and after reaching Jumla, you will begin trekking towards Chauriya Chaur. A short ascent through lovely farm villages will take you to your destination, Chauriya Chaur where you are going to stay overnight.

You will begin your trek with an uphill climb that will lead you to the beautiful forests of birch, rhododendron, and pine. From here, you will ascend towards a ridge top where you see amazing views of Kanjiroba Himal (6,883 m) on the northeast side.

Further, you will descend for around a couple of hours through a forest and reach a pasture land, Chalachaur, where you will stay for the night.

You will begin your day with a descend towards Sinja. On the way, you will go through a dense forest of pine and walk past terraced fields, following Jaljala Khola to reach Sinja village, the capital of the Malla dynasty.

The villages include ruins of an old temple, and you will also see monuments covered in moss and weeds. The ruins of the palace can be seen across the river.

Today, the trek will be short. Leaving Sinja Khola, you will follow another stream, Ghatte Khola, and trek on the northeast side. You will ascend and reach a beautiful valley.

Further, the trail will go through farmland with old water mills where corn and wheat are ground into fine flour, which is used for making bread. You will reach Ghorasain village where you will find a police post. You are free for a short walk around the town.

Today is going to be the most exciting day of your trip as you will reach the main highlight of this trip, Rara Lake. From Ghorasain village, the trail will be serene and beautiful.

You will ascend up to the Chuchemara Danda located at 3,710 meters. From the Chuchemara Danda, you will get to witness stunning views of the snow-capped mountains in the north and surrounding landscape.

Further, the trail descends through the dense forest of birch and bamboo. You will then cross Khatyar Khola and walk along this upstream to reach Rara Lake.


After a week-long trek, today is going to be the rest day at Rara Lake. This rest day will allow you to get acclimatized with the increased altitude as well as also let you explore Rara Lake.

The day is free, and you can sit by the lake and soak its beauty, or hike on a wooden tower to see the gorgeous view of the lake surrounded by hills with distant snow-capped mountain views.

You can also do other activities like boating, horse riding, or hiking up to the Muma view top for a superb surrounding view.

From today onwards, you will trek back with the beautiful views of the surrounding. You will ascend towards a ridge top where small Jhyari Village is situated. From here, you will descend following the Jhyari Bira Khola and cross Dhauligar Khola Valley.

Further, trekking along the Dhauligar Khola, you will reach Pina, a small farm village with a police post, tea shops, and lodge.

You will ascend and enter into a tranquil forest from where you will see enchanting views of mountains in the north along with the superb landscape.

You will then gradually ascend towards Ghurchi- Lagna Pass, which is also the highest point of this trek. Upon reaching the top of this pass, you will see several chortens and colorful prayer flags. From here, you will descend across alpine meadows and pastures. You will enter into the walnut forest, and further, trekking through a steep, narrow valley, and you will reach Chauta Village where you will stay overnight.

You will again trek following Sinja Khola. You will reach Kamra village situated under the overhanging rock. This place is an important source of herbal medicine called Silaji.

From here, you will descend towards Sinja Khola and reach Nyawre Village. You will take a short break here, and continue ascending following an upstream river that will take you to Tharamara.

You will begin your day early. After having breakfast, you will trek back to Jumla. The trail begins with a descent to a nice green valley that will further take you into a beautiful alpine forest of oak, pine, and rhododendron.

Going through small villages and following the same river, you will reach Jumla town. You will also explore the town, and in the evening, you are free to explore the bustling market of the town.

You will wake up early in the morning and head to the airport to take your flight back to Nepalgunj. The flight will be short and scenic. Upon reaching Nepalgunj, you will take another flight for Kathmandu.

After reaching Kathmandu airport, you will be escorted to your hotel. The rest of the day is free for you to relax and explore the nearby area on your own.

Today is your free day in Kathmandu. You can either rest for the day and enjoy different varieties of food. Or, you can go on the guided sightseeing tour where you will visit a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

You will visit Kathmandu Durbar Square, where you will get to see the palace, courtyards, temples, and shrines. After that, you will head towards the Ason Bazar, which is nearby the durbar square.

Further, you will visit Boudhanath Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple. In the evening, you will meet with the crew and end your day with a delicious farewell dinner.

It is your last in Nepal. After having your last breakfast of this trip, you will check out of the hotel and leave for the airport to take your flight back to your home.

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Rara national park


Rara Lake comes inside the Rara National Park, rich in vegetation are more than 200 species of plants, 500 flowers, 20 species of mammal including Himalayan Thar, leopard, black beer, wild boar, red panda along with 214 species of birds. This makes Rara Lake Trek a paradise for bird lovers.

The Malla stones

The most interesting thing around the lake is Malla Stones, which are basically tall pillars of rock emphasizing inscriptions of the sun and moon. This inscription is believed to be the date & time of the Malla Kings, who ruled the region back in the 12th century.


As Rara Lake comes into the restricted area of Nepal and Rara National Park, you will need to get a permit to enter this region. The restricted area permit for foreigners is USD 70 per person for the first 7 days & USD 15 per day thereafter. Similarly, Rara National Park’s entry fee for foreigners is USD 30, around NPR 3000 per person.


Rara Lake Trek is a moderate trek. The trails are not so challenging, yet you need to trek an average of 5 to 6 hours a day that surely requires strong willpower, good health, and passion.

If you have any past hiking or trekking experience, it would be great but, it’s not mandatory to go on this trek. Other than that, if you have any kind of health-related issues, then do consult with your doctors before booking the trip. In case of any medical history, we highly recommend you to inform us so that any future event can be tackled without having any issues.


If you have extra days in your hand, you can extend your trip and add Humla or Jumla to your itinerary. These both are one of the isolated villages of Nepal and offer you to experience raw nature and tradition & culture that are still the same as they used to be a hundred years back.

Best Season

The best time to visit Rara Lake Is from March to May and September to November.

March through May is an ideal time to go on Rara Lake Trek. During this time of the year, the climate is mild, and rhododendrons blooms everywhere filling the trail with colors.

September to November is another great time to visit this region. The climate is not too hot or cold, and the views are also clear.

June to August is the monsoon season in Nepal. Going on Rara Lake trek is not impossible during this time of the year. However, the trail will be muddy and uncomfortable. There is also a chance of landslides that can force you to change your route.

The months of December to February (winter) are not a suitable time to visit this region. The temperature gets lower, making the region covered in snow. All the roads and airports often get shut down during heavy rainfall. Moreover, the trail crosses a high pass that also gets closed when there is heavy snowfall.


In Kathmandu and Nepalgunj, you will stay in a cozy three-star hotel. The rooms will be based on twin-sharing and include a clean private bathroom with a hot shower. You will get breakfast in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj, along with a welcome dinner and farewell dinner.

At the time of trekking, you will probably stay in a teahouse or camp. If you are staying in a teahouse, then the food will be served according to their menu. Whereas if you stay in camp, food will be cooked and served by the porters.

Altitude Sickness

Rara Lake Trek is not that high altitude trek. Even though you will ascend up to 3,450 meters, you will still spend the night at the lower altitude. There is a very low chance of getting altitude sickness during this trek. You will also have an acclimatization day at Rara Lake.

The most important tip to prevent high altitude sickness is not to stay overnight at more than 3,900 meters of altitude. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated during the trek and avoid alcoholic drinks as it dehydrates the body.


The climate can get cold during the morning and night, so we recommend you carry warm to wear, waterproof outerwear, a thermal layer, good trekking boots, and a warm sleeping bag.

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