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Best price guarantee

Top1Trekking is a Nepal local tour agency that can provide you best price for your treks and tours. There is no middle man which ensures that you get the best deal possible. We develop strong relationships with locals, which allows us to offer unique package deals that are both high-value and low-cost. Our team is well-versed with the culture and traditions of the region, allowing us to provide customized services so you may fully immerse yourself in the local culture while visiting.

Local travel experts

Getting local guides is the best way to get an interaction with the culture of Nepal. The group you are with includes people who live there and know the best places to go, things to do, and what would be the best option for you. As a local trekking company makes us aware of new information that is not published. This enables our customers to have access to knowledge that visitors who book with international tour companies may miss out on.

Hassle-free travel

We will take care of all of your trekking-related worries. We begin working with you through consultations, where we gather and analyze your requirements and handle all of your questions from beginning to end. Booking your trip with us takes the hassle out of your holiday. We are here to help you have the adventure of a lifetime, not give yourself headaches. Your trips will be well-planned from the transportation, accommodations, tours. We offer a free airport pick-up service and clearly lay out all of our options so you can choose what best suits your needs.

Tailor-made holidays

We have made certain that our packages appeal to a wide range of clients by consulting with you and learning what you want. We then put together a team of experienced and knowledgeable guides who understand your needs and will take you on the trip that brings out the essence of your dreams. We offer complete holiday packages, so you can sit back and enjoy your time away from work. Everything is taken care of for you by our efficient team. We have guides who are fluent in the local language and have extensive knowledge of this area. You can feel safe because we have an emergency response team on standby should any issues arise. This removes the trouble of arranging the entire trip yourself, but it ensures that you receive a personalized and distinctive experience.

Instant Reply (24/7 services)

At Top1Trekking we aim to deliver a 24/7 service model that is quick and effective. This ensures that we are accessible at all times to answer any questions, complaints, or compliments you may have during your trip.